Want a Chance to Win $50? Submit Your Kettlebell Video!

Cavemantraining is offering 3 individuals the opportunity for a chance to win $50. All you need to do is simply record a video of yourself doing something with a kettlebell. Experience doesn't matter. Technically, you could just do one move and submit it. However, the winners will be selected by the most votes awarded from other kettlebell enthusiasts. So bring your A-game and create something special!


Michael Skogg Details His History With Kettlebells, Celebrities, and More

I could go on and on about my time with Skogg System but I've already done so in my review! Instead, I wanted to learn more about the background and history of Michael Skogg as it relates to his kettlebell training. So I reached out to him and requested an interview. He was gracious enough to give me some of his time and answer questions about his program as well as some stories about previous clients. I learned several new things about him that I think you'll find pretty interesting!


CrossFit Abruptly Terminates Its Facebook and Instagram Accounts

In a detailed post, several points are made as to how they came to this decision. Interestingly enough, every one of the 8 points starts off with the word "Facebook". If it wasn't clear before, CrossFit is pointing the blame squarely on the social media giant. I'm not going to cover every point, but there are a couple that really stuck out to me.


Will Kettlebell Workouts Employ Virtual Reality?

For as long as we saw it coming and wondered about how it would change the world of technology, virtual reality has been somewhat unpredictable since reaching the consumer market. We’re a few years in now, and things have moved at a slower pace than expected. But now, affordable headsets are coming out, the number of games and applications available is growing larger, and VR is becoming more familiar and more useful. It’s now fair to ask how it may ultimately affect our exercise habits.


Austin Reporter Does Kettlebell Flows with Onnit’s Eric Leija

First off I'm a huge admirer of Eric Leija. I'm not sure if he is the originator of kettlebell flows, but it was this workout that introduced me to them. It's a workout that I still do regularly to this day and has me feeling satisfied but exhausted at the end. Accumulating nearly 500K followers on Instagram, he's established himself as one of the premier trainers among the kettlebell community. So when I was browsing my newsfeed and came across the video below, I thought it deserved more notice than the one-sentence article on the FOX 7 website.


Kettlebell Strongman Powers His Way through 500+ Lbs of Kettlebells

Sam Escobar, also known by his online handle gorillagirevik, is quickly becoming one of the most impressive kettlebell strength trainers there is. Scrolling through his Instagram posts, it's fascinating to see how his hard work with heavy kettlebells has transformed his body over the months and years. A lover of maces and kettlebells, his persona and physique would fit perfectly in Game of Thrones or other medieval movies and TV shows.


Taco Fleur Shares His Unique Perspective and Background with Kettlebells

Taco Fleur is perhaps one of the most dedicated and passionate kettlebell trainers in the world. He's written several books on kettlebell workouts and exercises that have been well-received on Amazon. In addition to the books, he's produced dozens of videos that help both newbies like me and veterans alike in performing kettlebell moves the right way. Unlike some trainers, he is eager to assist and offer advice for anyone interested in kettlebells.

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Watch Hilary Swank Perform This Simple Kettlebell Leg Exercise

Actress Hilary Swank is no stranger to getting fit for her roles. After all, she played a boxer named Maggie Fitzgerald in the critically acclaimed movie Million Dollar Baby. A movie that came out over a decade ago. Hilary, now in her mid-40's, could be forgiven for being lax on working out. Although, with her recent Instagram post, it seems working out is still something she enjoys.


Former Bachelorette star launches gym that incorporates kettlebells

If you're thinking about joining Shawn's gym, be prepared to open your checkbook. According to the website, new members get a 30-day introductory charge of $105 which then becomes $215 monthly. Although that is a fair amount of money, you'll certainly have access to the best equipment and personal trainers that are dedicated to their clients.


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