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Rapid and Intense Kettlebell Workout For Fat Loss

If you're like me and want to lose weight quickly by working out with kettlebells, you need to check out the video in this post. The kettlebell exercises featured aren't overly complex but they will challenge you! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced kettlebell user, this workout by Chandler Marchman is great for all fitness levels.

What It Takes to Have a 90 Day Body Transformation

What if there was a way you could undergo a 90 day body transformation naturally without starving yourself? Or resorting to drinking gross shakes that taste like cardboard to see results? People spend way too much money on nasty tasting shakes and fitness equipment that will collect dust or even break. That's why I've made it my mission to help men get into better shape using kettlebells and proper nutrition. Making healthy food choices and getting the most out of exercising is the best way to lose weight quickly!

Raising The Dead - A Kettlebell Challenge

Raising The Dead is an AMRAP-style kettlebell challenge where each exercise has the kettlebell start in the dead position for every rep. Lasting only 10 days with 6 timed rounds per day, you'll test your endurance and strength as the allotted time increases each day. This challenge requires only one kettlebell and features a couple of options for scoring and progressing.

How Fast Should I Expect to Lose Weight With Kettlebells?

When I first did my research over a year ago for my own weight loss plan, it was this question that I desperately wanted to answer the most. If you want to lose weight with kettlebells, you have to have realistic expectations. This probably means that a lifestyle change is in order. No more eating junk food or gorging yourself on a whim. That doesn't mean you can't ever indulge in fatty foods, but it should be a rare and infrequent occurrence.

How I Lost 18 Pounds During My 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

I had a lot going on personally during this challenge. There's never really an opportunity where there's a lull in my life for 30 days. Holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions are a common occurrence and I knew that they would factor in during this time. It doesn't make sense to wait for the best opportunity and say, "Hey, this month looks pretty clear on the schedule." Even if that's true, something stressful is bound to happen. When it does, it's easy to give yourself an excuse to be bad and order or dine out.

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Your Health Involves More Than Eating Right and Exercising

When people think of healthy living it typically involves their diet and physical activity. While both are very important, I've come to learn that what we wear may impact health as well. We've become so focused on the here and now that we've lost sight of the dangers of things that could severely affect our bodies.

Waist Trimmer and Its Valuable Benefits

Everyone wants to have a perfect physique and great health, and the best way to achieve that is with diet and exercise which takes a lot of time and hard work. There are, however, other ways, such as a waist trimmer, that offer a quick fix. This article will elaborate on the benefits of a waist trimmer in addition to trimming the waist.

7 Best Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40

If you are over 40, you may have noticed that it is harder to lose weight - and easier to gain it - than it used to be. Your body just doesn’t feel the same and yes, it’s not all in your head. Changes in your eating habits, activity level, sleep pattern, and how your body stores fat all can play roles.

Rock Climbing Exercises You Can Do With A Kettlebell

Rock climbing has increased immensely in popularity over the last several years. Thanks largely in part to the stunning documentary, Free Solo, featuring world-renowned climber Alex Honnold. This movie not only captivated audiences but has inspired amateur climbers across the globe. While not everyone has the option to frequently pursue this passion, there are several rock climbing exercises to prime one's body for the experience.

10 Important Health Benefits of Using a Treadmill

Do you want to improve your health and fitness? Then using a treadmill is definitely a good option! Treadmill exercise helps to improve your balance and coordination, which can be beneficial for reducing your risk of falls in older adults or people with impaired mobility. So you should use this machine at least once or twice every week if you want to improve balance and coordination.

Fitness Enthusiast Includes An Interesting Twist To Kettlebell Routine

Fitness enthusiast Josh O Dowd does not discriminate when it comes to free weights. One look at his Instagram page shows his proficiency with the likes of maces, clubs, dumbbells, and kettlebells. By combining traditional exercise moves with body rotations he's literally putting a new spin on free weight workouts. This particular kettlebell workout of his looks absolutely dizzying!