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Lockdown Fitness Challenge - 100 Kettlebell Swings a Day

It was actually my wife who suggested I attempt another challenge to help me get out of this funk. Honestly, my eating habits have been terrible lately. So giving me something to focus on physically is probably just want I need. It took me a few days to brainstorm an appropriate challenge. One that isn't too difficult, nor dependent on a diet but more so on mental toughness. Thus I came up with the idea of doing 100 kettlebell swings a day for the duration of lockdown.

How I Lost 18 Pounds During My 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

I had a lot going on personally during this challenge. There's never really an opportunity where there's a lull in my life for 30 days. Holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions are a common occurrence and I knew that they would factor in during this time. It doesn't make sense to wait for the best opportunity and say, "Hey, this month looks pretty clear on the schedule." Even if that's true, something stressful is bound to happen. When it does, it's easy to give yourself an excuse to be bad and order or dine out.

Rapid and Intense Kettlebell Workout For Fat Loss

If you're like me and want to lose weight quickly by working out with kettlebells, you need to check out the video in this post. The kettlebell exercises featured aren't overly complex but they will challenge you! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced kettlebell user, this workout by Chandler Marchman is great for all fitness levels.

What It Takes to Have a 90 Day Body Transformation

What if there was a way you could undergo a 90 day body transformation naturally without starving yourself? Or resorting to drinking gross shakes that taste like cardboard to see results? People spend way too much money on nasty tasting shakes and fitness equipment that will collect dust or even break. That's why I've made it my mission to help men get into better shape using kettlebells and proper nutrition. Making healthy food choices and getting the most out of exercising is the best way to lose weight quickly!

How Fast Should I Expect to Lose Weight With Kettlebells?

When I first did my research over a year ago for my own weight loss plan, it was this question that I desperately wanted to answer the most. If you want to lose weight with kettlebells, you have to have realistic expectations. This probably means that a lifestyle change is in order. No more eating junk food or gorging yourself on a whim. That doesn't mean you can't ever indulge in fatty foods, but it should be a rare and infrequent occurrence.

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Setting The Record Straight - Haters Gonna Hate

The title of this article is perhaps the most obnoxious one that I've ever written. However, after reviewing negative comments and feedback on some of my YouTube videos, I feel compelled to publicly respond. To be fair, I've received far more positive comments from people who appreciate my videos. I also don't mind honest criticism as I'm certainly no expert with kettlebell training.

A 10-Minute Workout For Beginners

This simple 10-minute workout for beginners requires 1 kettlebell of light or medium weight. The exercises are very basic and easy enough to perform without any prior experience. This cardio workout also includes a popular bodyweight exercise to allow for active recovery. The pacing is just right to work up a sweat while allowing time to learn some fundamental kettlebell exercises.

Results And Thoughts On Completing The RTD Kettlebell Challenge

There were over 80 people on Facebook who had said they would be participating as a group for the Raising The Dead Kettlebell Challenge. However, when the time came, approximately 10 or so actually followed through. It's disappointing to have spent so much time creating this challenge but I'm very grateful for those who did join. The feedback, motivation, and encouragement to complete the full 10 days made it all worth it.

Raising The Dead - A Kettlebell Challenge

Raising The Dead is an AMRAP-style kettlebell challenge where each exercise has the kettlebell start in the dead position for every rep. Lasting only 10 days with 6 timed rounds per day, you'll test your endurance and strength as the allotted time increases each day. This challenge requires only one kettlebell and features a couple of options for scoring and progressing.

Dumbbells or Kettlebells: Which Are Best?

When you are beginning to get serious about exercise and improving your body, there is no better choice to consider than free weights. Weight machines are great for newcomers due to their low risk and ease of use, but free weights will help take your training to the next level. Free weights have several benefits, including more flexibility and efficiency. They will help you get stronger and more athletic compared to weight machines.

2021 Kettlebell Challenge - Mastering The Dead Clean

The kettlebell clean is an exercise with dozens of variations as detailed in Cavemantraining's Master The Kettlebell Clean. In my opinion, it's probably one of the most underrated kettlebell exercises and doesn't receive as much acclaim as the swing, snatch, or press. This is likely due to the quick action of the move. However, in order to get the most benefits from the clean, it's important to practice proper technique.