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What if there was a way you could undergo a 90 day body transformation naturally without starving yourself? Or resorting to drinking gross shakes that taste like cardboard to see results? People spend way too much money on nasty tasting shakes and fitness equipment that will collect dust or even break. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help men and women get into better shape using kettlebells and proper nutrition. Making healthy food choices and getting the most out of exercising is the best way to lose weight quickly!

Hi, I’m Ryan Jankowitz and I help busy guys and gals lose 10-15lbs, shed their spare tire, and build lean muscle so that they can fit better in their clothes, look better naked and move as they did in their 20’s. I’ve been a certified kettlebell instructor since 2011 and currently hold a level 2 Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC II). I studied nutrition in college at Virginia Tech and earned a nutrition certification after school through Precision Nutrition. I’ve taught hundreds of people how to powerfully swing a kettlebell and have helped other trainers become certified kettlebell instructors.

Look, transforming your body doesn’t have to be hard. There are 2 components that you can completely control to have a successful 90 day body transformation. The two areas that anyone can comfortably manage are diet and exercise. Let’s quickly breakdown the powerful effects that kettlebell training has on your body.

The Effectiveness of Exercising With Kettlebells

exercising with kettlebells

Studies have shown that interval training is very effective at burning fat. Interval training is defined as short, intense bouts of exercise followed by brief rest periods. Kettlebell training by its very nature is pure interval training. Performing a set of 10 kettlebell swings followed by a brief 15-second rest and then repeating that interval is a sure-fire way to burn fat and build muscle.

Training with kettlebells is truly total body because each movement requires a coordinated effort from many muscles. Big bang exercises like Swings, Deadlifts, Squats and Turkish Getups require you to use such muscles together which expends lots of calorie-burning energy during and after your workout.

Working out with kettlebells goes beyond just transforming your body and weight loss. It makes you generally stronger so that you can perform most physical tasks with ease. Whether it’s doing yard work, playing with your kids or pets, or simply getting up off the floor; kettlebell training will make you a stronger human being. And like one of my favorite old school Steven Seagal movies, you’ll be Hard to Kill!

If you’re just getting started with kettlebells, then I would recommend investing in a 35lb or 16kg kettlebell (for men). If you have the funds to buy a few more kettlebells, then I would also recommend a 25lb (12kg) and 45lb (20kg) kettlebell. This way you can scale up or down depending on your fitness level. A great weight to start at for a woman would be a 22lb or 10kg kettlebell. If you have room in your budget, then I would also recommend a 17lb (8kg) and 26lb (12kg) kettlebell.

Don’t be concerned with what other people are doing in their workouts. Focus on excellent form rather than trying to do as many reps as possible. Quality over quantity. If you can maintain this mindset, you will drastically decrease your chance of injury and experience more rewarding workouts over a long period of time.

Now, let’s switch gears and talk about nutrition.

Tips For Managing Your Caloric Intake

In order to lose weight, you must decrease the number of calories you eat and increase the number of calories you burn. So, how do you safely decrease the number of calories you eat without starving yourself or resorting to gross-tasting supplements? Here are two no-risk tips to decrease the number of calories you eat to help with your 90 day weight loss goal.

First, replace liquid calories with water

drink water

Liquid calories include:

  • Energy drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Sports drinks
  • Post-workout shakes
  • Coffee heavily flavored with cream/milk and sugar
  • Iced teas

The one thing all those drinks mentioned above have in common is that they contain calories (and some contain sugar). Your body doesn’t need any of those liquids to survive. It ONLY requires water. Water contains ZERO calories and staying adequately hydrated will allow you to work out more intensely and burn even more calories.

You can safely eliminate several hundred calories each week by reducing or eliminating beverages that contain calories. It’s a simple guaranteed way to reduce the number of calories you consume. The key point to remember is that a 90 day body transformation is dependent on exercise AND calorie management.

Secondly, get your carbs in order

veggie kebob

The second tip that can help you reduce the number of calories you consume is to eat more vegetables. Specifically, reduce or replace foods like pasta, rice, bread and cereals (starchy carbs) with veggies (fibrous carbs). Veggies have ZERO fat and sugar and are very low in calories. Check this math out…

A pound of pasta has 600 calories. A pound of broccoli has 150 calories. It’s the same amount of food (1lb.), but pasta has 4 times the number of calories compared to broccoli! Additionally, veggies are high in fiber which is important for your digestive health and contain a tremendous amount of vitamins and minerals.

Some people that I talk to don’t eat a lot of veggies because they’re bland. If that’s the case, then learning how to cook/prepare veggies will be critical in incorporating them into your diet. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert chef to make the easy adjustments.

Here are a few simple ways to prepare veggies to enhance their flavor:

  • Sautee in a healthy oil like olive or avocado oil
  • Roast in an oven and flavor with olive oil, a little salt and pepper
  • Grill like a shish kebob or on their own
  • Mix in a smoothie

In order to lose weight, you must decrease the calories you consume and increase the calories you burn. If you improve your nutrition using my two tips, you will safely decrease the number of calories you eat. Also, by committing to working out with kettlebells you’re guaranteed to increase the number of calories burned.

Yes, Dramatic 90 Day Weight Loss Is Realistic

Imagine if you were to focus on your health and fitness for 90 days. What could you accomplish??? Realistically, you could expect to lose an average of 1 pound per week. Your clothes might start fitting differently and you’ll feel more confident in your body. You may notice your energy levels increasing and your mood will improve too.

The fact that you’re reading this means you’re serious about your health. My experience as a nutritionist and kettlebell instructor has led to some incredible results for previous clients. Now, I’d like to help you as well. I invite you to download this free 5-day kettlebell workout plan for beginners by filling out the form directly below or at the top of this page.

Once you download this plan by leaving your name and email address, you’ll discover 5 powerful kettlebell workouts. You’ll also find a complete breakdown of each kettlebell exercise inside this plan. Additionally, you’ll receive a bonus nutrition guide a day after you download this free plan. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Ryan Jankowitz

Ryan loves sharing his passion and knowledge for kettlebells. He’s a level 2 certified kettlebell instructor through Dragon Door’s Russian Kettlebell Certification program or RKC II for short. He uses online kettlebell programs to help men and women lose 10-15lbs., shed their spare tire and build lean muscle so that they can fit better in their clothes, look better naked and move like they did in their 20’s. Visit his website here: rjkettlebell.com
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