About Kettlebell Krusher

Launched in 2018, Kettlebell Krusher started out as a blog & resource to learn about all things relating to kettlebells. However, the central theme of the site was more focused on my own personal journey than anything else. Now, several years later, that focus has changed drastically.

Throughout this short time I’ve interacted with trainers, doctors, athletes, and other fitness enthusiasts who have that same passion for kettlebells. The information and insight they’ve provided is something that I enjoy sharing with readers here. As a web designer in the U.S., I’m used to seeing visiting traffic from America mostly. My initial goal was to spread the word about the benefits of kettlebell training to others in my home country. After seeing traffic to Kettlebell Krusher span across entire continents, the goal is now to enlighten the world!

Although kettlebells have certainly risen in popularity over the last few years, they’re still not fully appreciated. I remain committed to compiling and sharing amazing stories, workouts, tips, and other news to help bring awareness. I have much to learn myself but have experienced the benefits that exercising with kettlebells offer.

Below is my personal story on the impact that they’ve had on my life. When I set out to lose weight little did I know that I would gain strength, mobility, flexibility, and mental clarity. I’m hoping that I can convince all of you to give kettlebell training a chance as well.

My Kettlebell Story

How I Lost Over 60 Pounds in Less Than a Year

Hello, my name is Ryan Faucher. One thing I’d like to make clear immediately is that I am a kettlebell enthusiast and not a trainer. What does that mean? Well, I’m dedicated to improving my body by using kettlebells. I do my best to exercise with kettlebells the proper way. However, I’m still learning the correct technique for these various exercises and by no means claim that I’m better suited to learn from than a certified kettlebell instructor.

My goal with Kettlebell Krusher is to inspire others to reach and strive for their own personal health goals through the use of kettlebells. As the owner of the web design and SEO agency Precise Online Management, my work life doesn’t involve much physical activity. I know that many people are probably in a similar situation. If you’re one of those people, and time is precious, please keep reading.

Ryan Beer Belly
Here I am just a few short years ago

Realizing I Needed a Lifestyle Change

Ryan Summer 2017
Taken in the Summer of 2017

When I was younger (including the late twenties), I was able to eat and drink large amounts of junk food without consequences to my body. I was fortunate to have a high metabolism and also work in more physically demanding jobs. Although I probably wasn’t the healthiest on the inside, at least appearance-wise, my body was average.

Everything seemed fine until I hit my thirties and started my web design career full-time. This led to a very sedentary lifestyle. I knew that my metabolism had slowed down, but that didn’t stop my bad eating habits.

As my weight kept increasing, clothing that was once loose, became tighter and tighter. Health problems like sleep apnea and chronic fatigue started to become very apparent. I was heading down a dangerous path which potentially could lead to fatal health issues. Still, any attempt to diet or exercise was made with a half-hearted effort. I was stuck in a rut, depressed but unwilling to do anything about it.

Finding the Motivation to Commit to Healthy Living

Back in 2014, I met the love of my life. Four years later I married her! We were both unhappy with our weight, but it took a huge event like our wedding to seriously start planning and enacting a weight loss plan.

A couple of months after proposing in November of 2017, we started our goal of losing as much weight as possible for our wedding date (November of 2018). This included changing our diet for which we decided to go the paleo route. Simply committing to this diet was a huge help and several pounds were lost rather quickly. However, we knew that more needed to be done and after much research, we found our exercise strategy.

Enter the Kettlebell

Why use kettlebells as the exercise equipment of choice? Many reasons are listed in the kettlebell guide I’ve posted. The gist of it is you can get a full-body workout in a short amount of time. That’s not to say it is easy but much more realistic to stay committed to.

Our kettlebell workout plan consisted of performing kettlebell exercises for just 20 minutes every workday (Monday – Friday). The weekends were our off days. As I alluded to before, the time spent using kettlebells was challenging but offered the best results in such a short amount of time.

In case you’re wondering, we started off doing sets of popular exercises as shown by Stack 52 kettlebell exercise cards and poster. We’d shuffle the cards and flip them over until 20 minutes surpassed. It’s a fun way to get a random workout every time!

After getting used to basic exercises, we’d then start to incorporate more intricate kettlebell workouts that we discovered online. This included workouts defined as kettlebell flows. Such workouts chain kettlebell exercises together into one seamless routine with no rest or stopping between the sequence of exercises. This maximizes the time spent and energy burned to create an efficient workout.

The Results

As each month passed, the pounds kept dropping off for both my fiancée and I. Sure, there were plateaus here and there but we both supported one another to stay on track for the big day. We had our “cheat” days for dieting once in awhile to keep our sanity. However, there was never a period where we went off the rails as they say.

In the span of about 10 months, by following this diet and exercise plan, I went from 265 lbs. to 195 lbs. As a guy who is 5’7″, my goal weight is around 165-170 lbs. Although still 30 lbs. away from this goal at the date of the wedding, I’d say the commitment we made paid off.

It’s not polite to share a ladies weight, but my now wife ended up having to get alterations for her wedding dress on several occasions. It cost hundreds of dollars but she says the last time she felt so good was in her early days of high school!

Wedding Day
The wife and I on our wedding day
Ryan Wedding Day
Wedding Day - 11/23/18
Ryan Wedding Day
Another wedding day photo
Ryan honeymoon
Honeymoon in the Bahamas!

Staying on Track and Reaching Goal Weight

Currently, we both have hit a wall in our progress. It’s been a few months since the wedding and during that time we went on honeymoon (limited exercise and no restrictions for dieting), dealt with the holidays, and just trying to relax after months of planning for the wedding.

I actually gained a few pounds back, mostly because I haven’t been as strict as I should be with dieting. In fact, I think if it weren’t for kettlebells I would’ve gained a substantial amount of weight back.

My wife, on the other hand, has been good with dieting but has always hated exercise (even for 20 minutes!). She’s still trying to find the right time to get back to using kettlebells. It’s not as easy for her as she has a day job, whereas I can exercise at any point during the day.

But you know what? We’re both human. We have our weaknesses. I’m still extremely proud of what has been accomplished. I have faith we will both reach our goals by continuing to support one another.

Raising the Difficulty Bar

Part of the reason for my plateau is my body getting accustomed to the kettlebell weight I was using. I had been using a 25 lb. kettlebell for months. Now, I’ve recently upgraded to a 35 lb. kettlebell and it is a lot more challenging.

Eventually, I’d like to work my way up to a 53+ lb. kettlebell. Although the weight loss hasn’t continued at the pace I’d like, I realize the homestretch is going to be the most difficult part. I also understand that my muscle strength has increased significantly which also accounts for added weight.

I have no doubt that I’ll reach my goal weight. Just seeing the results thus far including my improved health situation (no more sleep apnea!) is a huge motivator. I know that by doing kettlebell workouts, I’ll get the best results in a short amount of time. My story is not yet over!

UPDATE 7/13/19: I wanted to make a serious dent in my weight loss progress after being stuck for awhile. I created my own 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge and lost 18 pounds in during that time! I’m now less than 20 pounds away from my goal and am confident I’ll reach that soon!

Reaching Your OWN Goal

I mentioned earlier my reasons for creating Kettlebell Krusher. There’s no reason why you can’t accomplish some amazing transformative results to your body with kettlebell exercises. Yes, this fantastic piece of gym equipment is absolutely one of the best tools for improving your physique.

Of course, it’s natural to have skepticism. However, if you’re still reading this then you must have a goal of your own. Whether that is weight loss, building muscle, or toning your body, I truly believe kettlebells offer the best and fastest way to reach that goal.

Going it Alone

Having a partner to go on this journey with me is a huge reason why I’ve lost so much weight. Of course, not everyone has someone to lean on. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t also achieve your goal.

While it’s certainly possible to reach this goal through sheer will and determination, you too, are also human. Having the support, encouragement, and accountability from others will help keep the motivation necessary to reach your goal.

For this reason, I highly recommend checking out the Caveman Inner Circle kettlebell workout group. For a small fee, you’ll have access to one of the best trainers on the planet and join nearly a hundred other individuals across the world. It’s an exclusive group where you can browse through a catalog of various kettlebell workouts, ask questions about exercises, and get feedback on your form. My detailed review breaks down all of the benefits and everything that is included.

For honesty’s sake, yes, I do participate in various affiliate programs where I may earn a commission. Although I would never promote anything that I didn’t personal believe would help others. So now that you’ve read my story, now it’s time to make your own. You don’t have to take my word for it, just read the many positive reviews across the internet that involve kettlebells. They are the real deal, and hopefully, by bringing awareness to them, more people will realize their potential and benefits.