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In my short time with kettlebells, I’ve discovered many inspirational people that have helped me stay motivated towards my goal of losing weight. Some of them directly while others through their enthusiasm and dedication to kettlebells via their Instagram feed. Of course, weight loss is just one benefit but there are many more that can be gained from working out with kettlebells. Strength building, flexibility & mobility, and feats of sheer awesomeness to name a few.

So it’s hard to limit this list to just 10, but if you’re new to kettlebells start with these following people to keep you driven! Also, this based on my personal experience and not a popularity contest. I don’t really put too much on follower count, it’s all about substance!

1. Taco Fleur (@realcavemantraining)

There’s no one else I can think of that has given so much to the kettlebell community and expected so little in return. Taco Fleur has produced many guides and videos on kettlebell training and exercising, the majority of them being free to access. A certified kettlebell trainer, he’ll frequently respond to his followers by offering advice to whatever questions they may have.

What really drew my attention initially was his adventurous spirit. Most other kettlebell training video’s are shot in a basement or gym. While Taco also has those, there are dozens that are filmed with some gorgeous scenery. The mist on a mountaintop, a waterfall, a calm beach – those are all settings that I’d love to work out in! Even something as simple as carrying your kettlebell on a hike makes for a breathtaking workout. It’s a nice departure from the usual bland interior of a gym.

After having the opportunity to interview him, I was really interested in the Facebook groups he created. One, in particular, has almost 8,000 kettlebell enthusiasts and athletes. Many of those people are also supportive and encouraging of one another.

If you’re looking for some dedicated one-on-one support, the Caveman Inner Circle group is a great option. For a small fee, members can vote on workouts targeting specific goals and submit their own videos for review and critique. There’s no judgment and you’ll learn that everyone in this small exclusive group each has their own reasons for joining. Anna Junghans, the other trainer for the Inner Circle, has been extremely helpful and proactive offering me nutritional advice and recipes. All of which was posted without even me asking!

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Pretty incredible right? Amazing transition shots, flyovers, and overlay graphics in this beautiful setting really capture the essence and freedom that kettlebells offer. What’s even more amazing is that Taco did all this editing on his own. These sort of videos have fueled my inspiration to go hiking on a mountain trail with my own kettlebell in tow.

2. Jordan Tyjeski (@jorgetyjeski)

Jordan is another person that I had the pleasure of interviewing. I first discovered her when I stumbled on a local news article stating that she would be competing in the Kettlebell Sport World Championship. A short time later she racked up an impressive 3 gold medals in two arm long cycle and snatch events. It appears that this is only the starting point for her young competitive kettlebell sport career.

Early in 2019, she had a couple more victories while competing at the Arnold Sports Festival. One of them, the VIKN grip challenge, tasked women competitors with holding a 48kg (106 lb.) kettlebell in each hand for as long as possible. Jordan ended up having the best record by 25 seconds by hanging on for a total time of 2 minutes and 38 seconds. My arms are tired just thinking about that feat!

Although I’m not looking to compete or train with kettlebells, Jordan’s dedication to reaching her goals helps me to stay on track with my own. It’s the be the best that you can be attitude which really appeals to me. Even if the kettlebells I work out with are a fraction of the size Jordan does!

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This monster kettlebell she’s swinging weighs 93kg (205 lbs.). For perspective, that’s like compressing my body weight into a ball and swinging, not lifting, me around! The concentration, endurance, and raw strength necessary to perform even those 10+ reps are pretty special.

3. Eric Leija (@primal.swoledier)

Eric, a kettlebell coach at the Onnit gym in Austin, consistently provides combos and kettlebell flows to his nearly 500k Instagram followers. The one I just linked to is a staple of mine that I perform at least once a week. Personally, I do 5 of those flow patterns on each arm to make up a set. 10 sets later and I’m sweating like a pig but feeling extremely satisfying. It’s not too taxing on the body, however, due to the frequent and rapid switching of arms.

Every once in a while you’ll see him team up with other popular kettlebell trainers. The one clip that stands out to me the most is when he worked out with Marcus Filly by swinging, cleaning, and lifting a 126 lb. kettlebell. The combination of synchronization and athleticism of the two is still astounding to watch. Look closely and you can see the relief on their faces at the end!

His Instagram feed isn’t all serious, however. There’s also a sprinkling of candid photos of him doing various everyday activities. There are even some before and after images that are shared, showing that he wasn’t always ripped and muscular. It’s further proof that hard work and dedication to fitness goals can lead to great results.

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Quick and effective, this flow from Eric shows how much work you can get in by keeping both kettlebells in your grasp. Lifts, squats, and renegade rows are all transitioned beautifully from one to the next. There’s not even a slight pause at all which makes for a very efficient workout. This is just one example of the many kettlebell flows that he demonstrates.

4. Sam Escobar (@gorillagirevik)

One word comes to mind when watching Sam power his way through reps of his gigantic kettlebells – Warrior. I’ve read commenters suggest that he would’ve fit right in on Game of Thrones. I have to agree with that assessment! There’s a certain primal energy he gives off which is magnified by the occasional grunting and groaning as he works his way through a set.

Not just a fan of kettlebells, there’s also many videos and photos of him swinging around a mace. Scrolling through his feed it looks like he’s been using those for some time now too. It’s clear the effect of which all of this hard work has made. That’s not to say he wasn’t fit in those posts several years ago, but he’s certainly beefed up over the last couple of years.

Seeing the dozens of kettlebells in the background, I’ve always wondered what is the combined weight? A ton, two tons?? Whatever it is, it makes my small collection look like a sack of potatoes! And that would still likely be too light for him for an adequate workout.

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Who else can look so manly while working out to Britney Spears? In all seriousness, goblet squats with a 150 lb. kettlebell? Are you kidding me?! Here he’s breezing through a set of 15 without breaking a sweat. However, that’s not good enough for him though with 25 being the goal. See what I mean? Pushing the limits!

5. Jason Figorski (@figsfit)

If speed, mobility, and agility is your thing then Jason Figorski will not disappoint. I imagine if you combined breakdancing with kettlebell workouts it would look like one of Jason’s videos. Sometimes it’s hard for me to count all of his reps because he’s just so damn quick. Plus, with his unique style, it’s hard to even describe many of his moves.

The draw for me is that I used to be quick and nimble. It’s something I can relate to. I think that regaining those attributes is much more attainable than getting the strength for lifting heavy kettlebells. I also enjoy watching him use the kettlebell as a guide of sorts. Such as when it’s stationary on the ground and serves as a divider for other quick body movements. Or even a slight tap of the handle while in mid-air for keeping the arms engaged.

You’ll also see Jason working out with partners on a somewhat regular basis. The fast pace and synchronization make it a treat to watch. Part choreography and part workout equal total awesomeness!

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If I only could move so fast! At that rate, I’d probably cut my workout sessions in half and burn the same amount of calories. The range of motion and switching from vertical and horizontal planes at that speed is damn impressive. Great choice of music too!

6. Marcus Martinez (@kettlebellexercises)

Partnering up with Kettlebell Kings, Marcus has further established himself as a premier leader in kettlebell training. In fact, he’s responsible for helping beginners get certifications through the living.fit program. If anyone is deserving of the handle kettlebellexercises it’s him.

The posts he puts up are usually very detailed with instructions for each workout. There is a real emphasis on technique and ensuring you can follow along. It’s more about learning than trying to dazzle an audience with complex movements. All in all, a pretty down-to-earth guy.

A fun little fact is that he trained Jessica Alba. In an interview with Onnit, he mentions that she’s actually his cousin. Now that kettlebells are getting more exposure, other celebrities are beginning to train with them for their movie roles. It makes sense with their typical busy schedules and the need to get in shape quickly.

Highlight Video

This video has a little bit of everything in it. The balancing of the bottoms-up exercises can be tricky but Marcus shows great form. It’s a nice progressive workout that also incorporates lunges and side swings. Notice how slowly he moves the kettlebell throughout the halo movement. That makes it more of a strength exercise than a finesse one.

7. Mac Bain (@moving.mindfully)

While his beard is probably the first thing you’ll notice, Mac seemingly has a new pair of exotic socks in each video. However, He didn’t make this list just for his appearance. Rather, it’s his slow to mid-paced workouts that blend flexibility, balance, and strength. Moving mindfully is definitely one way you could describe them.

Mac does some especially interesting things when working out with two kettlebells at a time. In one particular post, he’s swinging one kettlebell between his legs and the other outside of his right leg at the same time. He then goes into a reverse lunge and snatch and eventually lowers his arms in a horizontal fashion while rotating right at the waist. This process is repeated on the left side for a tough shoulder and core workout.

There are even some exercises without kettlebells where he resembles a contortionist of sorts. You’ll get a kick out of one of them where he balances a flip flop on the back of his bare foot. This is done throughout many twists and turns of that leg and body while keeping his upper body fixed to the floor.

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I love the momentum of the kettlebell in this video. All sorts of side swings, around the body, and leg pass-throughs make for an entertaining and engaging workout. The transfer of the kettlebell to the other hand during the double side swing is very slick!

8. Brittany van Schravendijk (@kbfitbritt)

Brittany, another kettlebell sport athlete, is a 7 time Master of Sport and a fierce competitor. Also a personal trainer and coach, she can put most men to shame in a variety of different events. In a recent post, she arm wrestles a fellow male kettlebeller and beats him with ease. No shame in that because if that were me, I’d probably suffer an arm injury!

Despite her toughness, there is also a fun and spirited side to her personality. Even in her instructional posts, she brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I find her to be pretty humble too. After all those accomplishments, a person would be perfectly warranted to have a little bit of an ego. Instead, she’s still pointing out her flaws and things to work on in slow motion videos. Very humble indeed.

Along with Marcus Martinez, Brittany is also a Kettlebell Kings Living.fit expert. If you watch some of the videos she’s in towards the bottom of the site, you’ll see that not only is she a talented athlete, but also a capable instructor too. Her attention to detail and explanations of technique is covered very thoroughly.

Highlight Video

The Turkish Get Up is perhaps the most advanced kettlebell exercise there is. It’s tough to master and difficult to perform. It’s one that I seldom attempt myself. Watching Brittany raise that 88 lb. kettlebell and keep it directly overhead is quite incredible.

9. Michael Lisichkin (@powerbells)

There should be a warning listed on Michael’s bio: Do not try this at home. Some of the stuff he is able to pull off is spectacular. Kettlebell juggling is fun to watch in its own right, but he takes it to the next level. He’ll turn a kettlebell swing into a circus move by releasing the kettlebell upwards in the air and spinning it like a helicopter before catching it with the opposite hand. Pure magic!

Thankfully, all of this talent hasn’t gone to waste as he was featured on Israel’s Got Talent this year. Check out his performance where he practically scares the hell out of the judges and audiences by twirling two kettlebells attached to a chain. I haven’t the slightest idea what anyone is saying but I’d be ducking right along with them!

The really crazy stuff can be found in his Instagram feed. Don’t get wrong, there are videos of him doing standard kettlebell exercises. However, those are dwarfed by such insane things as balancing on a kettlebell handle and ripping a deck of cards in half. Surely his friends and family have to be thinking, “please be careful!”.

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I can barely wrap my head around kettlebell juggling. Doing it blindfolded? Now that just fills me with excitement AND fear. The fact that he’s swinging the kettlebell in multiple directions and not doing the same move over and over makes it all the more special. And what about that neck resting catch?! Again, don’t try this at home!

10. Roc T (@solidrocfitness)

A new favorite of mine, Roc T has got it all. Speed, strength, and agility are traits that are frequently displayed in his videos. Oh, and by the way, he is also a hell of a juggler too! Don’t worry though, he posts plenty of workouts that beginners can follow as well. He’s pretty responsive to questions and comments in his feed too.

One thing that stuck out to me about his videos is that he likes to get a workout no matter what time it is. I noticed several of them shot at night, others in the early morning, and obviously during the day. I’m sort of the same way in that regard. There’s no set time, I just try to pick a spot during my day and put the work in. That’s the beauty of HIIT, no need to clear a schedule!

Other than kettlebells, the jump rope is one of his go-to tools for exercise. Some of the videos switch off from one to the other. It’ll be interesting to see what new workouts he will create. Jump roping is a great way to give your muscles a break from lifting but still keeps your heart rate elevated.

Highlight Video

More juggling! This is the thinking man’s workout. Roc T makes a great point about focusing on timing and coordination. You’re building strength while staying mentally sharp. It might be time for me to switch over to competition kettlebells for easier hand insertion before I attempt any flipping like that.

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I'm a web designer and kettlebell enthusiast on a quest to lose fat, build muscles and live a healthier lifestyle. I truly believe that exercising with kettlebells in conjunction with dieting is the most effective and efficient way to reach this goal. If you have the will and motivation, there is no reason you can't do the same.
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