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Have you ever started to do a few workouts or tried changing your diet to lose weight, but nothing changed. Frustrating, right? The men and women I talk to about weight loss are feeling frustrated with their lack of results too. They think that they’re different and try as they might, weight loss doesn’t happen for them.

The common complaint I get is how easy it looks for others yet it’s a struggle for them. They feel hopeless and stuck. Additionally, they’re ashamed of how they look in the mirror and wish they could somehow change. However, it doesn’t matter how much they wish for change; it never happens.

In some cases, they make a little bit of progress but then slide right back into those old unhealthy habits. That feeling of shame returns and they are right back where they started. The truth is they are missing two important things.

The Right Approach To Nutrtion + The Right Training Program

So, how do these two things help with losing weight and toning up? Let me help. The best meal plan for losing weight and toning up is one that YOU can stick to most of the time. Not what other people are doing.

This may come as a shock, but it doesn’t matter what style or eating pattern you follow (Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, Mediterranean, etc.). Whatever eating pattern you choose there are two important points to consider.

Point Number 1 – Is the eating pattern realistic to follow?

If you’re intent on losing weight and toning up, then an 8-week diet or 1-week cleanse won’t work. Here’s why. After your diet is up, most people go back to their old ways and end up putting the weight back on. Sometimes they put on more weight.

The problem is that they’ve deprived themselves for so long. They feel a need to binge and seek the pleasure they used to get from food. The solution is simple. Rather than going on a restrictive diet for a short amount of time, consider making one small change at a time.

Small changes are easier to stick to and control. These changes don’t feel overwhelming either. Plus, many small changes made over time end up producing big results in the future.

Here’s a list of small changes to follow. Over the span of 5 months, you’ll safely decrease the number of calories you consume and lose weight.

5 month plan:

  • 1st Month – Cut back on liquid calories and drink more water
  • 2nd Month – Eat more vegetables at dinner
  • 3rd Month – Add more protein to breakfast or whatever your first meal of the day is
  • 4th Month – Start preparing more meals at home
  • 5th Month – Make junk food inconvenient to get to

Point Number 2 – Eat mostly nutrient-dense foods

Fish & Veggie Kebob

Nutrient-dense foods are low in calories. Although, they’re packed with essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and healthy fat. Some examples are chicken, fish, eggs, veggies, fruit, walnuts, and quinoa.

These types of foods are minimally processed. If you can pick it, hunt it, and gather it, then these are the best foods to eat to help you transform your body. Now, Let’s switch gears and talk about the right training program for losing weight and toning up.

The right workout program is one that you enjoy doing. It also offers an appropriate challenge. Cardio is important, but it doesn’t offer the same benefits that strength training offers.

Lifting weights will change the shape of your body. It allows you to simultaneously gain lean muscle and shed body fat. This will result in a smaller waist, tighter legs and butt, and more defined arms and back. Ultimately, helping you fit better in your clothes and look great naked too!

Adding a little muscle to your frame will raise your metabolism. So, you’ll burn more calories throughout the day. Strength training also creates the “afterburn” effect. As such, you continue burning calories at a higher rate for minutes to hours after your workout.

Whatever strength training workout you do there are also two important points to consider.

Point Number 1 – Are you using the right form?

I take part in several online kettlebell groups. I see a lot of cringe-worthy videos posted. This is a result of people not taking the time to learn how to lift weights. They skip the basics instead of learning the proper form for kettlebell training.

These same people comment on their back and neck bothering them after their workouts. Well, I can assure you they did not take the time to learn the right mechanics of kettlebell lifting. It takes time and patience to do so but is absolutely worth the benefits.

When you slow down and hone the necessary skills from the start, you’ll have more rewarding workouts in the future. That means you’ll burn more calories because you can do more reps and lift heavier weights. You’ll also be less achy and sore which will allow you to do more workouts each week.

It’s crucial that you find a coach or buy a book that’ll teach you the right technique. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself and that’ll stop your progress.

Point Number 2 – Find a training program for losing weight and toning up that changes with you

Kettlebell Squat

As you exercise, your body changes and adapts. This is fantastic! Although, adaptation can sometimes lead to the dreaded ‘plateau’. If you do the same activities over and over you become more efficient at it which is good! However, your body finds ways to conserve energy meaning you’ll burn fewer calories doing the same workout.

There are ways around this and I’m not talking about “muscle confusion”. That’s a marketing term, nothing more. You can keep getting results from the same workout using these tips

Mix things up in your workouts:

  • Add more weight
  • Do more reps
  • Cut down on your rest
  • Do an advanced version of the same exercise (Kettlebell Swing, 1-Arm Swing, Double Swing)
  • Supersets or triple supersets
  • Perform complexes and chains

Ideally, you want to choose a training program that’s about 12 weeks long. Because it takes time for your body to change. Your workouts should gradually become more challenging without burning you out. Now, this is the part where I talk about kettlebells because this is a kettlebell website.

Kettlebells give you strength and endurance in one workout. This means you spend less time each week working out and more time on other areas of your life. Kettlebell workouts are true interval-style workouts.

When working out with kettlebells you’ll experience just how effective they are for fat loss. They also produce the ‘afterburn’ effect. So, you keep burning calories well after your workout.

There are so many different exercises you may do with a single kettlebell. Therefore, your investment in equipment is minimal. The variety of exercises will keep you engaged and keep producing results.

Please heed my advice… LEARN PROPER FORM!

Kettlebells don’t hurt people. Bad form hurts people. It’s important to take your time and master the basics. If you do this, you’ll get awesome results and make people jealous! Of course, I’m going to show you how to do just that.

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Ryan Jankowitz

Ryan loves sharing his passion and knowledge for kettlebells. He’s a level 2 certified kettlebell instructor through Dragon Door’s Russian Kettlebell Certification program or RKC II for short. He uses online kettlebell programs to help men and women lose 10-15lbs., shed their spare tire and build lean muscle so that they can fit better in their clothes, look better naked and move like they did in their 20’s. Visit his website here: rjkettlebell.com
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