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“”Carries” can take your strength and lifting abilities to the next level.

Unlike some exercises, Carries don’t target one set of muscles, they workout the whole body.

How do you do Carries?

Suitcase Carry:

This move involves lifting just one dumbbell or kettlebell. You simply hold it down by your side and walk while engaging your core.

Try to keep your shoulders level and don’t lean to one side.”

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Kettlebell Krusher’s Take:

The kettlebell suitcase carry almost feels like cheating. You pick it up, hold it, and just walk. Many people probably do this very thing before they begin their workout. You’d think such a simple move would not be very beneficial. However, it certainly is!

It’s the walking that forces you to maintain focus and balance of your core. Much like carrying a heavy suitcase while traveling, this exercise is designed to give that same burning sensation and tingling in your arm. Although, you’ll want to make sure your shoulders are square and level as well as not leaning towards the kettlebell side while walking.

Even though the suitcase carry is a very basic exercise, don’t try to do too much when first attempting it. Start with a lighter weight. Once you’re comfortable, grab another kettlebell of equal weight and give the double carry a shot. This is also called the kettlebell farmer’s carry or walk. The only difference between the two is, of course, the number of hands used.

Kettlebell Carry Videos

Just in case you’re still unsure of the proper form for both the suitcase carry and farmer’s carry, we’ve added the below videos for reference.

Suitcase Carry

Farmer’s Carry

This video was created by legendary trainer Don Saladino. He’s worked with Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and other celebrities for training in their action roles!

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