How To Lose Weight with Your Kettlebell

In my 10 years of coaching several hundred busy adults to swing a kettlebell to get into better shape, I've seen a common trend. Hardworking men and women who are committed to their health and fitness. Adults new to kettlebells and working out who never get into the kind of shape they dream about. People who take class after class of boot camps and spinning and are constantly seeking the next exercise trend.


Kettlebell Core Strengthening Exercises For Seniors

Strengthening your core has many benefits for your overall health and well-being. It is made up of many groups of muscles centered around the torso. This includes abs, lower back, pelvis, and hips. This network of muscles is responsible for balance and stability allowing your arms, legs, and spine to move in unison. As we age we tend to not use these muscles as frequently which leads to a weakened core. These kettlebell exercises help to solve that problem without exerting too much stress on the body.


Kettlebell Fitness Studies You’ve Never Heard About

When comes to the benefits of kettlebell exercises the one study that is widely touted is from the American Council on Exercise. ACE concluded that the typical 20-minute kettlebell workout burns on average 400 calories. Although this study goes all the way back to 2010, the facts remain. Kettlebell exercises are great for weight loss. Beyond this experiment, no others have really garnered widespread acclaim or recognition.


Is It Possible To Turn Fat Into Muscle?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to turn fat into muscle because they are two different tissues. However, it is possible to lose fat while building muscle. Additionally, building muscle will help you lose body fat. If you want to lose weight you must do at least one of the following things.


How to Build Muscle Mass: A Guide 

Keeping fit and healthy is something that many of us aspire for. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of regular exercise and looking after our internal health hit the headlines in recent months. There was undoubtedly an emphasis placed on what we could do to keep ourselves in shape. 


My Mea Culpa – Explaining My Absence

Long story short, I've been somewhat depressed and very stressed for the better part of several months now. As a result, I've gained a significant amount of weight back. At my lowest, I believe I hit 163 lbs. earlier this year. Most recently, when I weighed myself this morning the scale read 213 lbs. While some of this gained weight is surely new muscle, I suspect most of it is fat.


Why Check Out A Supplement Review Website For The Best Brands?

From the name itself, you can understand that supplements are a type of product that “help” or “aid” and maybe even “hasten” certain processes, particularly in the body. There are many types of supplements, from appetite boosting to appetite inhibiting ones. However, I guess one of the most popular types is the diet supplement that most body-conscious individuals take.


My Top 3 Obstacles During My Weight Loss Journey

Wouldn't weight loss be so much easier if we could just lock ourselves inside and shut out any external influences? It's a nice thought but not very practical. I'm fortunate enough to work at home but life still requires me to venture outside. It's at these times when I feel most vulnerable.


Perspectives on the Benefits of Kettlebells

We recently ended a scholarship contest where participants were tasked to provide their insight into the benefits of kettlebells as compared to regular weights. There were a lot of late entries, but unfortunately, only one winner could be chosen. Many of the essays submitted contained unique and in-depth information regarding various studies performed proving the effectiveness of kettlebells. There were quite a few participants who even use kettlebells themselves!


Weight of the Bell: Essential Tips for Heart-Training

Using a kettlebell instead of a dumbbell or any other piece of equipment can have more positive effects than one might think. As it seems like an extension of your hand, the very shape of the bell with a handle provides more flexibility in your motion, which therefore makes it more natural and healthy. In addition, better flexibility enables you to include your entire body in the workout.


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