6-Pack Challenge – Week 4: Not a Success Nor a Failure

Technically, the 6-pack ab challenge isn't over until two days from now. However, being the weekend, those are my off days from exercising. I doubt very little will change physically until that point. So I'm calling it. Challenge over! The number 1 question everyone is likely wondering is if I did indeed build 6-pack abs. The short answer, no I did not. However, there's been a substantial increase in muscle mass in my core area and I've developed a 4-pack.


6-Pack Challenge – Week 3: Sore, Tired, and Determined

January is proving to be the perfect opportunity to rebound from all of the holiday craziness. No special occasions or distractions to prevent me from exercising on a regular basis. Nor are there any excuses for eating delicious but unhealthy junk food and sweets. At the very least, I'm happy that the pounds I put on from Thanksgiving to New Year's have been erased. My stomach continues to shrink inward, but I'm doubtful that any major definition of the abs will be visible when this challenge is over.


6-Pack Challenge – Week 2: Replacing Fat with Muscle

Two weeks into this challenge with two more to go and I am feeling it! What I thought would be an easy addition to my warm-up routines before my kettlebell workouts has proved challenging. I'm talking about the increase of ab wheel exercises from 30 to 50. That extra twenty reps of stretching out take a greater toll than expected. Although, I certainly believe it's had a huge effect on my progress of building 6-pack abs.


6-Pack Challenge – Week 1: Adjusting to the Guidelines

It's been 1 week since starting this challenge and unfortunately, I don't have much to show for it. Realistically, it's not unusual to see little to no difference visually at this point. I have high expectations and it's been a tough week, but I have faith the results I'm looking for will come at the end. I suppose the important takeaway from this week is adjusting to the strict guidelines both physically and mentally.


6-Pack Challenge – Can I Build Abs in Just 30 days?

Now with the new year approaching and the holiday feasts in the rear window, it's time for a new challenge. I've never been a vain person and in the past would scoff at the idea of building 6-pack abs. However, after putting so much effort and work into bettering myself and my body, flattening my stomach completely seems like the next logical step.


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