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Featured in our best kettlebell gloves and guards review roundup, the Steel Sweat Workout Gloves offer comfort and style at an incredible value. Of course, the most important aspect is their functionality. After using them with my iron kettlebells over the last couple of months, I can say with certainty that they keep my palms safe from friction.

Without using any gloves or protection, it was common to get some calluses or blisters while performing kettlebell exercises. In instances where the kettlebell was flipped from one side of my wrist to the other is when these calluses would really start to show up. Being new to kettlebells at the time, it was just something I had accepted. I wasn’t even aware of workout gloves until a few months into my kettlebell workouts.

A Closer Look at the Steel Sweat Workout Gloves

Steel Sweat Workout Glove

Made from premium leather, there are several styles that can be chosen from. For my preference, I decided to go with the black and gray style. On the backhand side of these kettlebell gloves, a velcro strap makes for easy adjustments. The Steel Sweat logo fits perfectly on the strap, giving it a sleek look. Breathability is not a problem as there is a wide space between the strap and base knuckles. There is also mesh webbing holes on each finger to help absorb sweat and release heat.

The palm side of the glove has pressure pads in spots where you would expect. Behind the fingers, thumb, and across the palm. These pads aren’t too bulky to impact performance but will act as a decent buffer between your hand and the kettlebell. Another feature that doesn’t get much attention is the finger pull tabs. They’re designed for easy removal of the gloves. However, they also offer slight additional protection at the end of your fingers. It’s a nice touch if I might say!

Steel Sweat Workout Gloves
  • BREATHABLE, DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Premium leather workout gloves for durability and comfort, utilizing our CoolWeave technology for sweat wicking performance while you exercise at home or in the gym.

Using and Breaking in the Steel Sweat Workout Gloves

Like most leather products, you can expect a short period of breaking in the material. This isn’t to say that they are stiff or awkward when first used. I actually found them to be quite comfortable. Although, once you have a few sessions under your belt with them, they start to really form to your hands.

Since I tend to sweat a lot during kettlebell workouts, I tried something these gloves were not intended for. Wiping sweat away. This usually was from the backhand of my glove to my forehead. And you know what? It actually worked well! I was surprised at just how well these workout gloves absorbed sweat. I have yet to wash them but they still have a slight leather smell. No foul odor!

With over 300 positive reviews on Amazon and a low price point, you won’t be disappointed with the Steel Sweat Workout Gloves. Check out the full product details below. They’d make a great gift for the kettlebell enthusiast in your family.

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I'm a web designer and kettlebell enthusiast on a quest to lose fat, build muscles and live a healthier lifestyle. I truly believe that exercising with kettlebells in conjunction with dieting is the most effective and efficient way to reach this goal. If you have the will and motivation, there is no reason you can't do the same.
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