A Sustainable Approach To 300 Kettlebell Swings Every Day Over Many Days

Many fitness experts agree that performing 300 kettlebell swings a day is an excellent way to lose weight fast. There are suggestions on how you should break the reps up as well as 300 swing challenges. Almost no one suggests doing them all in one go. Sure, that's possible but not realistic for the average person to do day after day. I've found the best way is to do them in one workout session in intervals.


A Simple, Short, & Sweet EMOM Kettlebell Workout

I love the format of EMOM workouts because there are usually several ways to approach them. Short for Every Minute On The Minute, this type of workout requires the completion of a task within 1 minute. The quicker that task is finished the more rest time before the next round. When it comes to kettlebells, EMOMs typically feature several different exercises counting as reps in a set. Since many kettlebell exercises have variations one may opt for a particular style.


MMA Kettlebell Workout Uses Just 3 Variations of the Swing

When I saw that popular fitness coach Funk Roberts posted another kettlebell workout video on YouTube, I was eager to break it down. After all, his last kettlebell workout is one of the most well-received that I've detailed on Kettlebell Krusher. Imagine my surprise when I learned that it was, in fact, not Funk who produced this workout. Rather, another coach using Funk's channel to gain more exposure.


3 Kettlebell Workouts I Love To Hate

I'm not sure how often the average kettlebell enthusiast works out during the week. Myself, I like to do 5 days in a row (Monday - Friday) for 20 minutes each day. In order to sustain that frequency, it's important that I leave a little bit in the tank as they say. However, once or twice a month, I make it a point to go all out and torture myself with a grueling workout. Why? Sometimes it is out of guilt, especially if I've had a poor day of dieting prior to that workout. Other times, it's just because I want to test my limits and gauge how much my body can handle.


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