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If you thought sports are an activity that only youngsters practice over the summer, you’re wrong. In reality, only some outdoor sports are played outside when the weather is nice and you definitely don’t have to be a pro athlete to pick up a sport. In fact, everyday folk like you and I could benefit from moderate physical activity even when we become seniors. From the first step we make in our life all the way to the very end, we are physically active, so there is no reason not to participate in a sport. Here are 4 great sports that any person can pick up, regardless of his or her age.


Who hasn’t watched a Wimbledon match and wanted to pick up a racquet and imagine they are ATP’s number one player! Well, there is more than glory (and prize money) to tennis, as it counts as an excellent aerobic workout. Furthermore, all that running from one end of the baseline to the other means that you build leg strength and improve stamina, as well as coordination.

Hitting the ball in the right manner requires a lot of agility and balance which you will learn after just a couple of practice matches. Since tennis is a high-impact sport, you will find your body becoming stronger over time and your game will be noticeably better. Just remember, it’s not about beating your opponent unless you’re a pro but the goal of the game is to build your mental and physical strength one point, set, and match at a time.


If you are looking for a sport that will engage every single muscle inside your body, then swimming is the right way to go. Like it is the case with tennis, you don’t actually have to race anyone in the pool, rather, it is a test of how much you can improve your stroke and flip turns. While you are focused on the stopwatch, your body will benefit from an ideal cardio workout and there won’t be a single muscle inside your body that hasn’t been activated.

Swimming is great for the heart and will increase your stamina and lung capacity. It also helps in building a visually attractive body, especially appealing to youngsters. Although spending hours inside the pool may wear you down and you will wish to take a nap afterward, swimming is the perfect sport to engage your entire body.


Anyone can pick up a racquet or jump inside a pool and compete but there is one sport in which anyone who picks up a club can be a champion. Yes, we are referring to golf and those 18 holes that will take you on a journey through picturesque landscapes. This sport is truly intended for everyone, as you can see young and old golfers alike, even at professional tournaments. Apart from the money you have the chance to win, picking up a club is a health victory in itself since an average game of golf burns some 2000 calories.

However, most people are deterred by the fact they are not familiar with the rules of golf or they regard it as an elite sport that they cannot afford. If you don’t want to join a golf country club, then a club, a ball, and some holes in the ground can hardly be considered a big investment. Furthermore, you can learn more about the sport online as the Hombre Golf Club blog offers insights on golf lessons and their benefit to perfecting your putt. In golf, as in life, practice makes it perfect.


Unlike professional cyclists who participate in courses around an entire country, a ride around the block will suffice for you to reap all the benefits of this sport. Like golf, cycling takes you on a ride through nature so you immediately benefit from the fresh air you breathe in. Because you are working with the bike to propel yourself forward, there is minimal stress put on your body and if you make frequent breaks, the dangers decrease to a minimum.

Of course, you need to be careful on the open road, but even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie you have the possibility to jump on a stationary bike that you can find in your local gym. The essence of cycling is pedaling, regardless of the surroundings. As far as health benefits go, they are a combo of what we have already listed for other sports: improving mobility, stamina, and flexibility, as well as better blood circulation and a stronger heart. Finally, cycling reduces depression and stress and brings down anxiety levels.

Whichever of the 4 sports listed here you choose to pick up, keep in mind that you can practice them all your life. They have the potential to be played at a moderate level so you don’t overstrain your body but still reap all the health benefits from them. Who knows, once you swing a club for the first time, you might wish to take a dip in the pool as well.

Ryan Faucher

I'm a web designer and kettlebell enthusiast on a quest to lose fat, build muscles and live a healthier lifestyle. I truly believe that exercising with kettlebells in conjunction with dieting is the most effective and efficient way to reach this goal. If you have the will and motivation, there is no reason you can't do the same.
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