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Intense workouts leave a person feeling tired but also satisfied. This feeling is due to the rush of endorphins one gets after exercising for a while. Unfortunately, after the rush dies down, you are left feeling sore, cramped, and tired. More people are leaning towards getting massages directly after their workouts to avoid these adverse effects of intense exercise. Various studies have shown actual benefits to getting a massage right after an exercise. The following are some of the main benefits that you get from a post-workout massage.

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1. Decreasing Risk of Cramps

While cramps are not fatal, they can be very frustrating and will have you losing the high you got from exercising in no time. Cramps are caused by tired muscles not getting enough oxygen and hydration, causing irregular contractions, which can be painful depending on the kink. Getting a massage right after a workout helps settle these muscles down and decreases the chances of getting cramps randomly after working out.

2. Loosening Up Muscles

Muscles are bound to become tense after using them for a while, especially if you do not rest them properly between exercise sessions. Just like stretching, a post-workout massage session helps loosen tense muscles and ensures they remain limber for days. This is crucial for people who cannot really take a break from working out such as professional athletes. Most athletes take a hot shower after a workout to loosen their muscles up, but there is definitely a noticeable difference between the effect of a shower and a massage given by a professional.

3. Decreasing Recovery Time

Exercising your body means you are slowly tearing down and rebuilding your muscles to become stronger. If you overdo it, you will need some time to recover. Many physical therapy centers recommend massages to decrease the recovery time needed for a person to be able to go back to exercising again. Experts at Pacific Health recommend physical therapy through massages as one of the main ways to recover from strained muscles and joints after working your body. Injuries caused by overtaxing muscles or not listening to your body’s demands can be avoided by a simple post-exercise massage. Massaging the strained area multiple times after a workout helps settle them down and prevent incurring more serious injuries.

4. Removes Risk of Soreness

If you have a massage as soon as possible after exercising, you may be able to avoid any kind of delayed pain that you may face because of the lactic acid breaking down your muscle tissue. This risk may be acceptable if you have a couple of rest days ahead of you, but if you plan on moving around regularly, then it does not make sense to face this risk when a simple massage will rid you of it completely.

5. Improves Blood Circulation

Most masseuses have blood circulation as their focal point during a massage. Through different types of motions and by firmly massaging a body, they are able to improve overall blood circulation which aids in the recovery of muscles. This helps to rejuvenate one’s overall health and ensures that toxins and impurities do not remain in the body for long.

6. Restores Flexibility

Since cramping and soreness can affect movement, avoiding them through a massage automatically restores your body’s flexibility. A good massage therapist ensures that any knots or tension in muscles fades. This makes it possible for you to have a full range of motion faster than if you just wait for the tension to go away on its own. Flexibility is key to be able to go about your day as usual without having to rest for long. You also do not have to take painkillers or limit your movements.

7. Boosts Serotonin Levels

One of the biggest benefits of exercising is the endorphins that are released into the body, which make a person feel happy and satisfied. A massage increases this feeling because different studies have proven that a massage can boost a person’s serotonin levels. Serotonin levels are affected by the stress one faces in daily life. A massage after a workout helps decrease stress levels.

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Massages after workouts have a ton of different benefits. Now that you have a clearer idea about the benefits of a post-workout massage, you can decide whether you want to remain sore after exercising or experience the wonders of a good massage. You no longer have to face muscle strains, cramps, or injuries. You can simply book yourself a nice long massage and revel in the relaxation that will come after.

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