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“Contrary to what many people think, it’s actually okay for pregnant women to workout. In fact, some doctors even recommend it because it helps the women stay strong and healthy. If you’re not a believer, we found some celebrity moms who have decided to continue exercising during their pregnancy.

Because Iya Villania’s body is used to high-impact exercises like CrossFit, this is her workout of choice. She posts her routines on Instagram and her most recent one showed a time lapse video. At 35 weeks, her exercise consists of five rounds of seven burpees, 14 goblet squats, and 21 Russian swings. Yeah, sounds pretty intense. Aside from staying strong, Iya also wants to be able to carry and play with baby Primo while she’s pregnant. Oh, and she can still do handstands too.”

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Kettlebell Krusher’s Take:

To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. Iya Villania, an Australian TV Personality, is getting a full-blown workout in during her pregnancy. I would expect some light stretching or even yoga to take exercising to the limit while pregnant. However, since doctors approve of these intense exercises, it’s a great way to keep in shape and stay healthy.

So you’ve probably at least heard of the common kettlebell exercises – goblet squat and russian swing. But what exactly is a kettlebell burpee? That’s a hard question to answer. If you research online and view various videos, you’ll see there are many variations of the kettlebell burpee. Essentially, it is a full-body exercise that involves standing, going into a plank position, and then performing a lift of some sort. I’ve seen thrusts and presses used for the lift part, but also one variation that used a kettlebell swing for the lift. The plank position typically involves a push-up. Regardless of which burpee you choose to do, there is no doubt of how effective it can be.

The fact that Iya chained these 3 multi-rep exercises over 5 rounds WHILE pregnant is amazing. In fact, we usually recommend a set consist of 10 goblet squats and 20 Russian swings, respectively. If I had to guess, her entire workout would probably be anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes. Not a bad way to get the blood flowing by any means.

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