Kettlebell 2 Hand Push Press

This kettlebell exercise will help to increase mobility for your upper back and shoulders. The kettlebell 2 hand push press will have you hold the kettlebell by the handle either with base closer to the ground or sky – your choice. Starting at chest level, dip your hips downward and then thrust upwards. Using the momentum, you’ll press the bell overhead then return to chest level. Repeat as many times as desired.

Exercise Demonstration

Video courtesy of Original Kettlebell

Like the kettlebell rack push press, a good amount of reps is 8. During my daily 20-minute kettlebell exercise route, I like to do 2 sets consisting of 8 reps before moving to the next exercise. Allow for several seconds to rest in between sets. Try to keep the bell a little bit in front of you as you press overhead. This is for safety reasons in case of losing your grip.

If you enjoy the 2 hand push press, you should check out the sit up press for a full body workout. Holding the legs in the air while performing this exercise makes it a great way to activate different muscle groups. The 2 hand push press is 1 of 52 kettlebell exercises in the Stack 52 Kettlebell Exercise Cards Deck. Create random workouts quick and easy!

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