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If you have been working out for some time and not seeing the results you would like, you may start thinking about using supplements. Obviously, steroids are not an option because they are illegal in all professional settings and they come with a whole host of side effects. Your next best bet is SARMS. But what are SARMs, and why are many people claiming they are the best option for health-conscious bodybuilders?

What are SARMs?

SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) are a class of compounds that are similar to anabolic steroids. There are many different SARMs on the market, with some of the stronger options having more pronounced side effects than their tamer counterparts.

Although SARMs have anabolic properties, the effects are less pronounced than in other anabolic steroids such as testosterone.

Are SARMs Safe?

Although a lot of research has not been done in this area, there have been very few side effects reported by people who have used SARMs for a long time. Being generally safe means everyone who uses them will see different results and effects based on their own biological makeup.

They Are Often Used With Other Supplements

SARMs are different from most other supplements in that they are usually safe to use with other supplements. They are often used together with peptides because of the many benefits peptides have. Peptide supplements such as BPC 157 are often used in conjunction with different SARMs to help improve recovery times for bodybuilders using a combination of these supplements and different workouts to gain muscle. The BPC 157 peptide can also be used to enhance the healing of ligaments and tendons after an accident. If you shop for BPC 157 Peptide at Paradigm Peptides you’ll be able to take a look at a few reviews which showcase how it’s been used to relieve pain across those who have taken it.

How Are SARMs Different from Steroids?

One of the biggest differences between SARMs and anabolic steroids is their mechanisms of action. While SARMs bind to the skeleton and muscles directly, steroids bind to receptors all over the body. That is why the use of steroids can cause widespread side effects that affect the heart, lungs, pancreas, and reproductive system while there have been mild side effects reported by people who have used SARMs for a long time.

SARMs Have a Wide Range of Benefits

Because they are a family of compounds, the benefits you derive from one SARM supplement will be different from those derived from another supplement. For example, there are some SARMs that will help you lose weight by cutting the amount of fat in your body. Some will help you recover post-workout, while others will help you gain muscle faster.

SARMs are often misunderstood because there has been very little scientific research done in this area. That said, they have already shown a lot of promise in bodybuilding and other areas while causing very few or mild side effects.

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