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“When Jordan Tyjeski first picked up a kettlebell, she couldn’t have imagined where it would take her.

Certainly not to Latvia, where the 21-year-old Beaver Dam woman will travel next week to participating in World Kettlebell Sport Competition.

Although she has long been lifting weights and kettlebells for general fitness, Tyjeski only began serious training in the sport category a year ago. She competes in the American Kettlebell Alliance, training with a coach in Chicago. She recently completed her degree in mortuary science and will soon start a career with Cress Funeral Homes in Madison.”

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Kettlebell Krusher’s Take:

What an accomplishment just to compete in the Kettlebell Sport World Championships! Her backstory with kettlebells chronicles a decade-long appreciation for them since she was 10. An interesting note in the article mentions how she routinely works out with 24kg (53-pound kettlebells), however, the class she is competing in (amateur) requires 16kg (35-pound kettlebells) to be used. For perspective, the average man is suggested to use a 35-pound kettlebell as an introductory weight for short-duration workouts. We have no doubt Ms. Tyjeski could compete in the professional category when the time is right and if she sees fit!

It’s great to see people in the U.S., especially women, becoming so passionate about kettlebell sport. While we tend to focus on the health benefits here at Kettlebell Krusher, there is something to be said about the sport itself. Originating in Russia, kettlebell lifting had been a well-kept secret for decades. Only recently here in America has it started to gain traction.

The 2018 Kettlebell Sport World Championships is still underway in Daugavpils, Latvia. For those of you map-checking, the country is directly west of Russia. Over 400 participants from across the globe are competing this year in various different events from October 10th – 14th. Medals are awarded to individuals who perform the most reps cleanly and with good form.

Check out this video from the 2017 WKSC

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