Kettlebell Row

If you’re wondering what kettlebell exercise would be perfect to start your workout routine with, the kettlebell row makes a great candidate. Since most of your body is in a fixed position during this exercise, you can expect little muscle fatigue and stress. Most of the load will focus on your arm and back.

Exercise Demonstration

Video courtesy of Forest Vance Training

There are several variations of the kettlebell row but perhaps the most popular is the bent-over dead row. The below instructions refer to this type of row. It should be the first that beginners attempt before doing any others.

To begin, stand with one foot forward in a lunge with the kettlebell resting on the floor on the opposite side of your body. Depending on how comfortable you are, you may go into a wide stance lunge position or have both legs almost in line with one another. Pick up the kettlebell with the hand opposite of your forward foot. You’ll then use your free forearm to rest on your bent leg. Once set, lift the bell past your waist with your elbow as high as possible. Return the bell to the floor position to complete the rep.

It is recommended that you perform this exercise in a set of 10 reps. When you finish the first set, switch positions so that you’re legs are swapped from the back and front. Of course, you’ll switch the arm and hand you use to perform the next set too. While not overly exerting, the kettlebell row is an excellent way to warm up or cool down at the beginning or end of your exercise routine.

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