Kettlebell Plank Row

The kettlebell plank row takes the familiar position of a push-up and combines it with a traditional row exercise. The primary muscle group that benefits from this kettlebell exercise are the back muscles. While it may look difficult at first glance, it is perfectly suited for both beginners and experts. This exercise is also referred to as a renegade row.

Exercise Demonstration

Video courtesy of Kettlebell Workouts

As mentioned, you’ll be starting off in a push-up position. Instead of your hands flat on the ground, each will be holding a kettlebell by the handle with its base touching the ground. Ensure that your face, chest, and knees are all pointing downward with your heels elevated. Then, raise 1 kettlebell to chest level while using the other for support. Finally, lower the kettlebell back down and repeat. Alternate arms as desired.

The recommended number of reps for a set performing the kettlebell plank row is 12. 1 to 2 sets should be done during a kettlebell workout session, depending on how comfortable you are performing them. The kettlebell plank row is 1 of 52 kettlebell exercises in the Stack 52 Kettlebell Exercise Cards Deck. Create random workouts quick and easy!

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