Kettlebell Goblet Thruster

The kettlebell goblet thruster provides a challenging full body exercise. Choosing the correct kettlebell weight is extremely important for this exercise. If you select a kettlebell that is too easy or too light, then you likely won’t get the most calorie-burning benefits possible. On the other hand, a kettlebell that is too heavy can lead to soreness and fatigue.

Exercise Demonstration

Video courtesy of Equity Fitness

To perform this kettlebell exercise, hold the sides of the handle at chest-level while standing up. Lower your butt as far as possible bending your knees while still maintaining a chest-level position of the kettlebell. Afterward, you’ll drive your body upwards extending your legs and then extending your arms upward, pressing the kettlebell over your head. Completing the rep, you’ll bring your arms back down so that the kettlebell is again at chest-level while standing up.

The difficulty level of the kettlebell goblet thruster is classified as intermediate. It is recommended that a set consists of 10 reps for this exercise. As with most kettlebell exercises, I like to perform 2 sets during my 20-minute kettlebell workout session. Allow yourself some time to rest in between sets. The kettlebell goblet thruster is 1 of 52 kettlebell exercises in the Stack 52 Kettlebell Exercise Cards Deck. Create random workouts quick and easy!

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