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Exercise is not something we all want to do. After all, who would prefer hitting the gym if you can lie on your couch all day with a bag of chips and Netflix streaming on your face? Even I couldn’t resist such temptations every now and again.

But if you refuse to work out all the time, you can’t expect your body to keep being fit for no reason. Even some people who are blessed with enviable metabolisms need to work out to keep their muscles and joints agile. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much you weigh, we all need exercise and it’s about time that we recognize that need. Otherwise, it would be too late already.

One thing that can make a person hesitate about pursuing an active and healthy life is cost.

Would you believe that a salad costs more than a burger? Or that a green smoothie costs 5 times a can of cola?

I know. The government and the business industry don’t seem to want people to eat healthier with all these add-on taxes and overpriced grass. It’s really not such a wonder why people would just opt for unhealthier food choices. They’re accessible, cheap, oh but did I also mention that they clog up your arteries and make your heart choke? Check this out to know exactly what I mean: https://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/ss/slideshow-foods-bad-heart.

That’s right; an unhealthy lifestyle will eventually backfire. If you can afford to invest in cars, home renovations, jewelry, and other material investments, then surely you can afford to invest in something far more important – your health.

Why Start Minding Your Health Today?

When they said health is wealth, they sure weren’t kidding. Unfortunately, humans have this toxic habit of wanting to see or experience something before they believe it so we never truly appreciate the essence of this virtue up until the day we find our body in shambles.

Once the unthinkable happens, we immediately regret all our careless and ignorant decisions about our health, curse our irresponsible lifestyle, and blame ourselves for not knowing any better – when in fact, we knew perfectly well that we were not giving our body the attention it deserved.

I guess such is the nature of humans. We don’t realize nor appreciate what we have until we lose it.

Don’t let this happen to you – ever.

If cost is a concern, there are always ways to go around it. If you’re a smart buyer, you can look for products that would help you achieve your goals and objectives for less. If you’re having trouble paying for new equipment regularly, then why not invest in equipment that will help you in your physical progress?

Take the adjustable kettlebell, for instance.

Adjustable Kettle Bells Weight Set
  • ⚓【10-40lb】 Adjustable weights are 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb with thick rubber base,To protect your body and floor,suitable for men and women fitness.

What Is An Adjustable Kettlebell?

If cost is one of your major concerns and the reason why you hesitate to enroll in any fitness program, you can always work out or train yourself at home (you can even watch Netflix while doing so). When you exercise from home, you don’t have to worry about gym and trainer fees or even spending on workout clothes.

At home, you can be in your jammies and still work out – just be sure to mind safety, though!

What you simply need to do to start a home gym is to buy your own equipment. It’s a one-time investment for lifelong use so it’s a pretty great deal if you ask me! What you need to look for, however, is equipment that can keep up with you. An adjustable kettlebell is just the thing you need to get the job done.

Buying regular dumbbells would mean buying several. After all, you will eventually plateau when you work with a single weight dumbbell. You have to increase your load over time; that’s the thing with progress. Kettlebells that are adjustable can help you save a lot of money since you only have to buy one. You can adjust the weight according to your level; increase or decrease it depending on the requirement of the exercise drill you want to follow.

This helps you save in the long run as you won’t have to buy new equipment all too often anymore. You just need one kettlebell for multiple exercises. If you search online, there are many workout drills that use a kettlebell as equipment. Be sure to check them out!

Ryan Faucher

I'm a web designer and kettlebell enthusiast on a quest to lose fat, build muscles and live a healthier lifestyle. I truly believe that exercising with kettlebells in conjunction with dieting is the most effective and efficient way to reach this goal. If you have the will and motivation, there is no reason you can't do the same.
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