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“After two months of physical therapy, de Sosa began training with kettlebells to work himself back into shape. He would take them with him during his travels and for a year, performed a simple kettlebell swing exercise.

“I use the kettlebell swings and it exercises the legs, the hips — all the places where I was hurt,” de Sosa said. “I have been biking for 20 some years, I’ve never been stronger.””

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Kettlebell Krusher’s Take:

Retiree Mike de Sosa dreamed of cycling on the highest paved roads in each of the 48 Continental United States. After completing this quest in nearly 40 states, those dreams came crashing down. A driver in a pick-up truck ran into Mr. de Sosa, sparing his life but leaving the cyclist with serious injuries. Back injuries, broken bones, and a titanium rod inserted into his leg left a painful reminder of how close he came to completing his goal.

Many people wouldn’t think twice about healing AND finishing such a feat. For Mr. de Sosa, he was never deterred. Although his wife deserves much of the credit for encouraging him to complete the journey. She knew how important it was to him and that there would always be regret if left unfinished.

The first step towards getting back on track to finish the last 9 states was to endure a couple of months of physical therapy. Afterward, he used perhaps one of the most effective exercises there is to rehab his body, the kettlebell swing. For roughly a year he would perform kettlebell swings, which he says, helped his legs and hips. The result? Mr. de Sosa says he’s never felt better!

He ended up completing those final states in what amounted to a 3,800-mile home stretch. It’s an amazing story in itself, however, it’s also a true testament to the power of kettlebell training and rehab. Who would think that such a portable piece of gym equipment could do such wonders for the body? The fact that you can achieve rehab, weight loss, strength, and conditioning with great results from performing kettlebell exercises is simply amazing.

Ryan Faucher

I'm a web designer and kettlebell enthusiast on a quest to lose fat, build muscles and live a healthier lifestyle. I truly believe that exercising with kettlebells in conjunction with dieting is the most effective and efficient way to reach this goal. If you have the will and motivation, there is no reason you can't do the same.
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