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“Bollywood actress Preity Zinta knows it well how to maintain her professional life along with fitness. The Koi Mil Gaya actress, who is currently enjoying her Los Angeles trip with husband Gene Goodenough, is giving major fitness goals to her fans on Instagram. The 43-year-old actress is the brand ambassador for fitness and health and recently shared a video of doing squats with a kettlebell. Preity captioned the video, “If it’s easy it’s not worth it! Look how my heartless trainer @garrettgahn is killing me in the gym! #breathe #kettlebell#butt #legs #squat #endorphins #core#weekend #bachaao !”.”

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Kettlebell Krusher’s Take:

The kettlebell squat is a great way to build strength in your lower body. It’s also fantastic at helping to improve stability and mobility. Watching Preity’s kettlebell workout video, you can see just how fluid the whole exercise is. At 43, she looks extremely limber and fit! I also couldn’t help but notice the kettlebell rack behind her. The kettlebells at the bottom of the rack are monstrous!

Reading through previous Instagram posts by Preity, it appears she has been working out with trainer Garrett Gahn on several occasions. He could be helping her to prepare for the upcoming Indian action comedy Bhaiaji Superhit. Since this marks a comeback of sorts for her acting career, staying fit and keeping in shape is of the utmost importance! Especially for the genre of this upcoming movie. Although it’s ‘not easy’, as she describes it, kettlebell exercises tone your body quickly so you have time to do other important things in your life.

Ryan Faucher

I'm a web designer and kettlebell enthusiast on a quest to lose fat, build muscles and live a healthier lifestyle. I truly believe that exercising with kettlebells in conjunction with dieting is the most effective and efficient way to reach this goal. If you have the will and motivation, there is no reason you can't do the same.
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